Qualified Plan Advisory is Scott Campbell

Scott founded Qualified Plan Advisory in 2004 after spending eight years as a sales rep for John Hancock Retirement Services, two years as Director of 401(k) for a large executive benefits firm in Los Angeles, and five years as a Third Party Administrator. Scott has in-depth experience in all aspects of the retirement plan marketplace.

Qualified Plan Advisory & Scott Campbell for Best Retirement Investment, 401K & 403B Planning



Scott got his start in the wonderful world of 401(k) as a Third Party Administrator handling plan compliance for 401(k) plans including drafting plan documents, conducting discrimination testing and preparing 5500 forms.


Next, Scott took on the role of 401(k) Director for a large executive benefits firm in Los Angeles providing customer service for large plans, conducting open enrollment meetings, preparing plan reviews and vendor searches.

Sales Rep

Then Scott became a sales rep for John Hancock Retirement Services selling their 401(k) investment product to plan sponsors all over Southern California and Nevada. He learned how 401(k) products are designed, priced and serviced. Over the eight years he sold over 2,000 plans and met with over 6,000 employers who were not happy with their 401(k) plan.  Scott learned in these meetings what plan sponsors want and need to have a successful plan.