Qualified Plan Advisory • D. Scott Campbell

Scott is a fiduciary to all the 401(k) plans and individual investor accounts he manages.  Acting solely in the best interest of the employers, participants, and investors.  He is a registered investment advisor delivering advice free from conflict of interest.
Scott’s unique background in the 401(k) retirement marketplace gives him the experience to fulfill the fiduciary responsibilities for the plan and deliver the highest level of service.

TPA for 5 years

Plan administration and compliance, drafting plan documents, testing & 5500’s

Broker for 2 years

Managing employee communications, plan reviews and vendor searches for large plans.

Sales Rep for 8 years

Sold over 2,000 401(k) plans.  Met over 6,000 employers.  Thorough product knowledge.

Scott established Qualified Plan Advisory in 2004 to work with employers helping them to manage their retirement plan and meet their fiduciary obligations. And work with their employees individually to create their retirement income.

Registered Investment Advisor for 16 years

Managing plan fiduciary responsibilities, fund selection, quarterly reviews, annual plan reviews and fee benchmarking.
Advising employees on a one on one basis helping them to join the plan and continually increase their savings and invest properly.

Scott’s services focus on protecting the employer; and creating positive retirement income outcomes for investors.