Individual Investors

Scott is a fiduciary to individual investors, working solely in their best interest, free from conflict of interest providing highly individualized advice on a going basis.

For Scott the relationship is the most important component.  He meets with investors to discuss all aspects of their current situation and the future in order to develop a comprehensive, personalized retirement plan.  The process continues an ongoing basis and Scott is always available to answer questions, help or advise. 

Scott creates a comprehensive retirement plan designed specifically for the individual investor using industry leading software for each facet of the strategy:

  • financial planning 
  • risk analysis using Riskalyze
  • fund selection and monitoring using Fi360
  • portfolio analysis using Morningstar

The process starts with the retirement plan.  Using MoneyGuide Pro financial planning software, Scott creates a flexible, custom retirement plan.  Investors participate in the process and have ongoing access to the software to keep data and decisions up to date and for planning purposes.  

Investment advice is the next step of the process.  From the retirement planning process, the investors’ long, mid and short-term objectives are determined, and corresponding investment buckets are created.  Riskalyze software assigns a risk number to the investor. Scott matches the investor to a model ETF portfolio with the same risk number.

Scott creates model ETF portfolios:

  • Best in Class ETFs
  • Risk based portfolios
  • Rigorous process to select high quality, low cost ETFs
  • Monitored and rebalanced on a quarterly basis

The final part of the process is the reason for the process: creating a retirement income plan.  Scott uses an array of investment options and products to create a stream of retirement income.

Scott’s team handles the details:

  • setting up accounts
  • rolling over 401(k)’s, 403(b)’s, IRAs and individual accounts
  • selecting and rebalancing investments
  • processing distributions

In other words, Scott provides a total service package that handles all of the individual investor’s needs.