Market Alert 3.13.2020

Buy, Buy, Buy!!!!

After yesterday’s record drop, now is a fantastic time to buy stocks.  If you can afford to contribute more to your 401(k), now is a very good time to increase your savings rate.  The best time to buy is when stock prices are low.  Stock prices are low.

To increase your savings rate, please go online / Click here for the form you to complete…

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Market Alert 3.12.2020

Coronavirus Madness

For those that don’t want to read a lot – do not make any changes to your investments.  If you are upset, as we all are, do not look at your accounts.  The market is very close to dropping to the bear market level, meaning down over 20% from its recent high.

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Market Alert 3.2.2020

Coronavirus!  Coronavirus!  Coronavirus!

The coronavirus hit the stock market last week with vigor.   The U.S. stock market suffered a substantial drop last week over fears of the coronavirus.  The S&P 500 dropped 8.40% last week.

Then, in true fashion, the market rocketed upwards today, erasing more than half the drop from last week.  

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Market Alert 2.5.2018

Wow, what a day in the market!!!

The sell off from Friday continued with earnest today.  Most of the gains year to date have evaporated.  

It all got started last week with the good jobs, which showed that wages have increased significantly – 0.29% year over year.  That is the largest gain since 2009. 

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